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of some of my early labors
published by me in 1878
were the first evidences of
educational work having
been carried on at Palo

For this reason I have
thought it appropriate that
your library should possess
for the uses of your students
the two volumes forwarded
to you.

In "Animals in Motion"
I have succinctly narrated
the facts of my initiating
work, will you kindly
permit me to direct your
attention to pages 6 and 7
of the present volume where
may be found some remarks
in relation to the zoopraxiscope; you will not
however need to be informed
that this apparatus is the
prototype of all the numerous
instruments used at the
present day for the same

On one of the first discs
made for the zoopraxiscope
the young gentleman from
whom your university
takes its name, may be
seen cantering on his pony
as distinctly recognizable
as was the horse "Anderson"
by the Senator, as described
in the anecdote on page
7, on which occasion I
think Captain Smith was

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