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London, 12th of March 1882

Mr. C. Van Buren, Mayfield, Calif.

My dear Mr. Van Buren,

I have duly received
your welcome letter of 17th of February, and I have
to thank you for the crop you have put in good
order on our Rancho. -- According your estimation,
you have plowed and seeded about 600 acres
in wheat and 25 acres in oats. That's all right.
-- I fear the crop of oats will give poor results,
except if you have put it in the triangular place
wich [which] is at the foothill, between the flume of the
spring's tunnel, and the two roads, one of wich is
planted with poplars. Oats require a fresh ground;
but, 25 acres are not an important thing.

-- In regard to the Horses your ideas meet
mine and I give you my full approval. Please
call Mr. Chase, and pray him to sell by auction,
without reserves, when he will think it the best,
all the stock you judge unnecessary to keep.

So, you will sell,

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