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Elmira, Elmora, all-moraK,
Blackpeter, Hermani, Queen, Reine,
Louisa, Betsy, Menlo Park mare (from
Maloney) and the black mare from Stanley
of Mayfield. --, and besides you will add
another one to make twelve, if you like.
I leave the twelfth to your choice.

Please sell also, all cows, calves and bulls,

2 Holstein bulls
2 Ayrshire bulls
9 Holstein cows or heifers,
and 9 Ayrshire cows or heifers,

We will keep 22 or 24 of the best ones, and you
shall send all the others as we have done two
years ago. --

I am proud and happy to see our thoroughbred
horses doing so finely as you say in the hands
of Joel. I am very thankfull to him. As for
our trotting stock, I will be pleased seeing his
improvements, and I will reward, according their
merits drivers and trainers. Please tell
particularly to Joe, to take the best care of Flou Flou.
I think she will be a first-rate runner, when

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