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and afterward a good breed mare, because
we will not ruin her in races -- unless she
would be another Mollie MacCarthy.

As for breeding I don't know why I don't
like General Benton so well as Electioneer. You
have bred Gipsey to General Benton, that's all right,
but she was giving good colts with the former. ...

-- You are doing well in breeding only our best
mares, I mean: [Jennie C. Bellina?], Evangeline,
plaything to Monday; -- and Fidelia, Emblem,
Addia, Fanchette and Gipsey to the stallion you
think the best. -- We will have quite enough, with
nine colts by year, and I think with 8, 7, or
six. Quality is allways better than quantity.
The time will come soon when we will breed
no more Fanchette. What do you think of her?

In fact, I don't want to keep many horses,
I don't like poor or middle ones. I want
only the best -- if I can have it.

-- I am now in good health and able to
attend my business, and the education of my
children. Physically, thanks God, they are all

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