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San Jose, Calif.

November 11th. 1905



My dear Sir;

My usual way of executing a deed, has been
to go to a Notary in Santa Clara. This is more convenient
for me than coming in to San Jose. When you have the deed
for conveying the Mountain View property to the Interurban road
ready, if you will mail it to me, I will execute it in my
customary manner and return it to you. As to the "jog"
in the "hundred acre field", - if my recollection serves me
correctly, the field was fenced in that way when I purchased
it and was always designated as "the hundred acre field".
I could not have stated with any accuracy , the acreage of th
"job". My impression was that the field contained a hundred
acres exclusive of this , but not being positive about it all
I preferred to offer the field as a whole that is "as it is fenced", instead of selling
it by the acre. If I had decided to sell it by the acre , I
probably ahould have asked a little more than three hundred
dollars per acre. Yours Truly S. L. Winchester

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