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[Mom/Ma] got my body placed in a tomb about [ten] yards from the House at Menlo Park, and often sits for hours sewing alongside of my body in the vault and sometimes I speak to her [?] when she asks for me. I think I have about tired you Uncle so will leave you now. But at some future time I will give you an history of my life in the spirit world. Before I go I wish to give you a little advise - namely do not be too anxious to convince others - they will all come to this knowledge at the proper do not tell anyone except the medium that you are going to sit for development. Do not have other influences in the room when you are sitting with this medium - if you do it will interfere with your development - and prevent many spirits from manifesting who would otherwise do so - If you asked the medium he will always (through our impressions) be able to guide you as to the best elements needed about you. I will devote part of my time to you uncle. Your loving Nephew Leland Stanford

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