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December 18
1930. Thurs. A [illegible] success I'm making
of College! Ha, Ha. I poop out in football and
from the looks of things my grades are
going to be plenty low.
1931 Fri. 300 true & false ?s in Psych!!
[What?] & Ex. Sis & I Left for home from
Poly 1:20 pm & arived home at 10 PM. Had a good
trip. Sis no longer objects ot Larry.
1932 Sun. Got up late. [Chick] Lee & I went to
a matinee show * picked up a couple of gals. (good [illegible])
Went to [Pi Phi?] house tonight. Came home & studied
Syllabus for Sociology [in?] tomorrow turning in 10:30
1933 Mon. Up at 8:30 - Studied Law all day except
for an hr. this morning when I [shoped?] for [Xmas?].
Had senior dinner for Gladhill & Lee tonight. Studied
7-9 - Louise * I went for a short ride done at 9: Turning in 11:30
1934 Tues. up at 8. worked on [law?] hoping it
helped. Mrs Watters all day. watched Joes play practice
tonight after dinner at the Hudson turned in at
ten again. a pretty good day.

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