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Hi Sweetheart

Just a short note to surprise you after your long trip from Stanford for the
chorus weekend and to show you that my love leaps over the little distance
just as early as it leaps the Atlantic. And also a chance to say hi to my
second family whom I love very much too. I hope they are getting my letters
by now- Mom says she is sending them out (typed photostat copies that is)
and too I hope very much ( or rather I know) that they continue to draw on
the deep peace and love that you the family so uniquely shares in these different times
(My words are sort of inadequate but you know what my feelings are.) Say hi
to others too if you have time to see them- Aunt Winefreed, Mrs Lambourne (and Mr. too!) Grandpa and Grandmother. Know you'll be having fun with
"Guthrie and Hilcust Dr." and at the Philarmonic and all and I'm waiting to
hear all about it.

Ask your father if he has any brilliant suggestions (or your mother) about
where or what to get with our gift money pass them on. Sometimes much hints
are good information or good bargains. I'll look in Italy this weekend.
(I could be there about the time you need this!).

Have a good weekend darling and dont forget how much I love
you. And now you can look forward to a stack of letters in
your box when you get back! ANd now I really must read some
anthro, this being my record letter to you tonight. More love

Your George

Pfffff! and Sweet Dreams

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