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Hi My Darling

Ooh that wonderful perfume I got a letter dosed with it today and it brings you
so close- I love you!! And am permanently snowed! Completely! Also in
visualizing your description of the red roses beside our picture in your room. I suddenly
realized (only a little slow this year!) just what book case that is and Im really glad
I made it now that it sits right the foot of your need and supports our picture. Wish
I could be there for real to see how it looks and to hold you close to me my love.
Sure sorry to hear how badly the mailman has been treating you. But at least if
I write faithfully every day, as I am you'll get caught up some day and have the
fun of getting two or three at once. So dont count on them everyday like clock work
just figure that when you miss you've got a bonus coming! and letter or not you
know that I'll always love you with all my hart and that every night I kiss you

Dr. Grotrnelle de Santes lectures yesterday and today were excellent- "Italian political
and economic life in modern times." We've also had time to chat with him informally and
will tomorrow and Saturdya again. He is young (31) very alert friendly and extremely
well educated (two Italian and one French University and Yale) and informed. He's a lawyer
instructor at 2 university advisor to the Italian Supreme Court etc (at 31!). the main
observation is that Italy is currently trying to work out two revolutions at once- (1) the liberal
revolution to democratic political rights and (2) the social one to limited use of private property and
some form of the welfare talk. Aso they face the problem of an industrialized north and a
backward peer agricultural south and the more serious problem of a strong Communist
Party in a country which is also the home of the Catholic Church! You can imagine the
interesting conversation this sort of climate produces here on the Burg and he is quite honest
and articulate in his opinions.

The concert last night was marvelous. The Dukas was a little more with the "Steerim
and Drang" approach than at Stanford; the Haydn was quite gallant and the
Brahma beautifully done. I enjoyed every moment and with music I understand
a little more as well.

[Dad?]- about that rise in tuition! How can I support such an expensive wife as you
on mere high school teachers salary? Incidentally I noted with interest the
article in the Daily (which we're getting at last) on the intern program. Maybe I could
even use that somehow if nothing else worked out! Of course there's the unmentioned
problem of the Army behind any plans we make but what do you think of such
ideas as these? For me I frequently hope we can figure out some why to
make it next June or September or so instead of 2 years later. As I mentioned before
my mind has really found its certainty about us over here. I love you very much
my precious darling and Im filled with joy just to think about or life together.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams

thank J.E. Wally for the card will you?

Pppfffffft and Ugh!!

I love you always,

Your George

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