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Jan 31 1960

Hi my darling

Well as I feared I missed a day of writing in our long trip here to Rome. The great
migration began right after lunch about 11:15. Several cars loaded up with language and people
and began shuttle service to the Beulesbach train stop. By 12:30 after most o fus had
walked down the hill we had all reassembled own luggage and we're ready to board. We had
two special cars on the end of the train to Stuttgart and we all got aboard- 72 people plus their
baggage in about 2 minutes flat. Then in Stuttgart we left and luggage in a pile and spent about
45 minutes walking or shopping. Then back to the station to board our private car for Rome. The
car was broken into compartments 6 in each. We had as our sextet: May Ann, Mary Jeanette, Bridge, Alan Sable, Herr Zimmerman (our German instructor) and me. We talked about looked out
the windows and ate each lunch dinners and looked out the window some more until about
11 pm. We rode through the famous Schqazwalkd which in my opinion is much overrated.
Its like low foothills of the Sierras say covered with pine or fir trees. The trees are pretty
but its not mountains or especially spectacular

The really fun came in the evening at bed time. The seats slide down so that the
entire comarptement becomes like one big mattress. And in this space 6 feet by 6 feet
wesix were to sleep. Sardines have roomto stay compared to how crowded we were
packed in. We tied alternating head to feet but finally chose another method- Four of
us M.J. Bridge, MAC, me in that order split the direction and alan and Herr
Zimmerman slept head-to-foot. But we four could only do this by all
sleeping in the same position on ou left sides each with an arm draped over the body
ahead. What a panic really. I surely wish you could have been their darling espically
since before long MAC and I (Bridge + MJ) found oursleves more or less sleeping in
each other's arms and I do wished it was you instead (and she that I was Bob no doubt).
This scene was reproduced more or less in each compartment and makes it very clear that
Stanford in Germany really practies co-educational living we even sleep together!
We staggered along like this pretty comfortable excpet for occasional trickle fights etcs
until 7 AM this morning not sleeping but dozing and resting at least.

we woke to find oursleves in sunny green ITaly south of FLorence. rolling hills often
terraced for planting with houses (or rather what looked like little estates) on the top of
eachone. Here in Italy villages for farmers (as are so typical of Germany) seem quite rare.
They appear to own earger plots than most Germans (thought I dont have any statistics on this)
and each farmer lives by himself on his own land.

Stop here darling... read the next page and please loan it to mom for
typing and phototating. Then come back here for a private finish.

Hi again darling Im now nicely rested after a good nights sleep and dreaming
of you. As to your letter of course I dont object to your going with hew to..
Sunday dinner at El Campo or to the flicks or to a club party etc either.
I think its good of the guys to invite you and I hope you can do it after.
As I said before I left dont just sit around on weekends if you have
a chance to go out. I love you very much my sweetheart and I want
you to be as happy as possibleand all smile when I get back (Though
a few tears through the smile are O.K. of course and might even happen
to stoic me!) Hope you dont mind send part of your letter on to
the Folks they get better news that way. Dont forget I love you
with all my heart fro wherever I am- Italy Germany or anywhere.

Ppffft! Thats passionate Italy style love
UGH! Im sending today!

Always and forever
Yours George

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