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4 Feb 1960

Hi Darling

Nothing terribly exciting happened today so I'll write just to you tonight and fill
Mom and Dad in later. it feels kind of good to be saying hello to just you specially - a
little less "business like" But those combined letters really are better sometimes.

Bridge and I spent the day together today as planned while Mary Ann and Mary
Jeanette went shopping. We started out in the rain retracing some of our steps in
yesterday's walking tour to set impressions more firmly in our minds. My camera
have been giving me some trouble on the winding movement in the past day to two and
it went completely out early in our walk. After some private tinkering we stopped in
at a camera shop with sign language (he spoke only Italian) were able to find
out that the camera was okay. But the film not correctly set in place. This means that
some or all of the 18 "pictures" I've taken in the last 2 days maybe lost DAMN IT. I've
got my fingers crossed but its doubtful.

We next caught a bus from the far end of central Rome having strolled all the way through
the downtown area and stopped briefly to buy an umbrella to stop the rain soaking our
heads and running down our necks. Got off to see the new Olypic Stadium but found
ourselves instead at an older stadium and park area build to honor Mussolini. It
contains a track and field area surrounded by huge white Marble cultures of figures of
athletes and a very large but unimaginative looking soccer stadium. We then
walked for about 20 minutes to reach the real new Plympic area. It reminded me much of
the work we saw at Squaw Valley this summer though on a considerable larger scale. Many
large apartment buildings for housing that's to be converted afterwards into low-cost public
housing (which is already very wide spread here and has almost eliminated slums). The
two main sporting arenas designed by the Italian architect Nervi are extremely beautiful.
One is a basketball pavilion of the style of a geodesic dome al white inside with very
clean lines. The other a 50000 seat soccer stadium which seems almost to float in
air its buttresses and stairways are so beautifully done.

Form out here we walked down into central Rome met the girls purely by
accident as they ere finding their shopping (Mary Ann spent over $50 Mary
Jeanette over $125!!) and walked home together for dinner. Tonight we've packed etc
because we leave here at 6:30 to catch a train for Florence.

Well sweetheart its time for me to shower and go to bed. I've had you in my heart and
mind constantly in the time here in Rome and I sure hope the fountains of Trivi brings
us back again some day. Its a wonderful fascinating city. And too Im waiting for the time
to pass until June 11 so that I may have you in my arms again. I dream of the day. Good
darling I love you so much and sort of specially tonight. YOu're in my heart and dreams
always. Goodnight my precious love and sweet dream.


Always and forever
Your George

P.S. The Batican stamps and post marks of the last few days are good for your collection kind of
as well as being pretty

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