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7 Feb 1960

Dearest Annie

This will be one of my most hectic letters unfortunately. Im waiting on
the train as we leave Milan for Lugano Switzerland. We had planned to spend
the night in Milan but would have to make a 6:30 am train and Lugano is in the Alps
on the shore of a Lovely Lake. So we'll see that instead and walked in Milano.

Yesterday in Florence was lovely sunny and warm. We went first to the Uffizi Art Galleries
those of the Medici family and one of the world best some magnificent works including
Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and "Annuizaiation of the Virgin" Leonardo "Adoration of the Magi"
and works by Diec, Raphael, Titan, Rubens Rembrandt and many others. We
staying only 3 hours and focused on a few of hundreds fo works and I thoroughly enjoyed
it. Then after buying a medieval map for Mary Ann's future living room (an hour of
looking and bargaining in a small side street shop price $3) and buying lunch we
went again to Piazalle Michelangelo for a view of the city by sunlight simply beautiful.
Then to the Boboli Gardens adjoining the Pitti Palace where we sat for 1/2 hour on the
lawn over looking the gardens and the city, resting our feet and just relaxing. Then we
walked all through the gardens along paths over which trees formed covered arches with
occasional large lawns where kids played soccer watched silently by sculpted figures
form shadows. Oh darling I miss you so much at times like that and the each
doesn't go away anymore. We just have to get over here sometime and share this
together. We walked down from Baboli among the shops by Ponte Vecchio and
to Church of San Lounzo getting there just at dust. Then to meet Bridge and Mary
Jeanette for dinner- Lasagna and wine in a basement restaurant ice cream cones
in a corner shop pizza and more wine in the place of the night before. Gay again
we made our way home and early to bed. We had to be up at 5:20 for the train
arrival in Florence. We Sat for a while on the 1st class compartment until
the conductor came and shooed us off to 2nd class. We then sat in the aisle on
our suitcases or stood right next to the john where a steady stream of people came and went. It was a long 3 hours.

On arrival in Milan we checked our baggage and took a bus to the center
of town. Then a 10 block walk to the apartment of Meaders to see my
friends Marica Fisher! And we were unexpected since she hadn't gotten my
letter from Rome. But that didn't matter at all we were welcomed at once
and spent a wonderful hour over a real American breakfast grapefruit juice

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