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Mein Sweetie Pie,

Oh but I love you My Valentine. I judged by one hour and 15 minutes and
OPened your perfectly marvelous Valentine early because I can already see that there
will be no time tomorrow for letter writing. I'll be working all morning on
the fest since I'm trying to coordinate and round up entertainment and also
help Mary Jeanette with refreshments and also spend a little time visiting
Mary Ann who is still pretty darn miserable worse today and needs some
cheering up.

The fest is from about 2-6 and then tomorrow night I will have quickly
write a 5-10 page Antro paper on the Krautees whom I didn't get to see
today after all.

I spent the morning writing you (twice today again!) and thinking a tiny
bit about the Antro paper. Then all this afternoon I helped Mary Jeanette bake
cupcakes (350 of them) which must be frosted tomorrow morning. It was said that
I will make someone a fine wife someday. I hereby volunteer for half of
the work too if its necessary to clinch the deal. I want you around on any terms
(housework even!) mine dearest Valentine. I love you very much you ti know
so much I can of now taste it but not right now because I just has a beer
and its taste is overpowering. We have about 10 Freeburg students here to further
complicated the weekend and I've spent the evening helping to entertain them.

Gosh I had hoped to write your family this weekend but I wont have time now.
And Then Monday night is a concert Wednesday a music midterm Thrusdya our
music paper1 When have I time to do it all? I should stay home next weekend
when nobody else is here and then maybe get something done. May I will especially
if MAC is still sick- otherwise we'll go to Vienna I guess. Im so tired now
after a weekend at home that one of travel seems out of the question. I wish
I could be lying right now with my head in your lap that's sort of how I
feel. Darn it on weekends here I have too much time to think and feel sorry for myself because Imiss you so. I should keep on the move and think less except
it doesn't do any good. I can't run away from it its with me where ever I go.
Its just that I love you sweetheart and I want to spend all my life with you
starting now not a year or 3 years from now. Its such a damn frustration
at times and I couldn't care less about fascinating experiences and great
art or music and old towns and new people Id rather be anywhere with you.
On this cheese note I'll say goodnight my love and dream of you again.
Im too tired tonight disregard all my mumblings and remember only that I
love you very much.

Goodnight Valentine!

Love you

Your George

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