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Hi sweetheart-

Well I just survived the Music midterm! Think I did about average but nothing spectacular certainly I studied fairly well for it must have listened to Beethoven's IV about
10 or 12 times. Anways I'm glad its done and I have now about 6 days ahead to get some
homework done and get caught up since we have classes tomorrow and than more until Wednesday.

I think the best news of today is not about but Mary Jeanette. She got a letter
from Tony yesterday which put her on cloud 9 at least- he says that he had not been chasing
around, not matter what gossip she has heard, that he was sorry fro the few and poor letters he
has written that he LOVERS HER and this "us" instead of "you" and "me". I'm sure happy
that things are pretty straightened out between them. I was fairly sure it would be eventually
but now MAry Jeanette can be so much happen and comfortable over here and get more
out of the six months here because she won't worry constantly about what will happen
when she goes back. She has been holding up very well I think exactly because she
believed in their love for each other. But now the sun is shining and somehow I think
I felt almost as good about it as she did notably because being so in love myself
I could sense how she might deal. Don't say anything to Tony of course because he
doesn't know you've been a confidant. But you might just watch about the time you get
this since she's writing him this morning and see if you notice any reaction.

Gosh my love we are lucky to have known so well how we feel about each other
to have suffered no pain of one sided love. Even though in moments of "cold rationality:
we question and examine our feelings we know in our heart of hearts that it is true
and beautiful. And actually I've had no such moments of doubt since I got here- this
a deep change a real growth. I cant believe that its anything but genuine though this
will have to be proven in June when we're together again. I feel so deeply and surely that
our love is sure and fall in every phase of our relationship (Though sometimes have doubts
about intellectually matters and I dont really know how this will work itself out) that it
underlines everything we do and share together. In short I feel now a oneness and wholeness
with you darling that I cant imagine we being without and that has I think come into being
mostly in the 1 1/2 months. And I sound for your wonderful letters that you are
experiencing much the same things. I love you darling and with infinitely more
than such works can express.

To get back to the question of "intellectual matters" this bothers me sometimes. We
have basically very similar values about what's good and right and important about
how we spend our time nad what kid of people we like etc. And this is very important. But
Our ways of thinking about other things are so different maybe its just a difference in
educational background but it seems important I am at times such a rationalist and I
feel sometimes that I try to over power you to force ideas on you to mold your mind and this
is really bad and after such occasions (as with Psych and sometimes Religion) I usually feel
pretty lousy and guilty. Im so damned cocky about my ideas and use them so aggressively
and this is not good for a partnership which I believe love must be. Fortunately we each have our own specialties- Music and History- in which we individually can teach each other
a lot and without the problem above. Its in the areas of common discussion (even
including bridge playing!) where we get into trouble. Well I think I've managed to
get the problem roughly into words and believe me I've thought a lot about it over

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