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Hi Sweetheart

For your after the geology midterm letter and my heart comes to life as your joy and
small and easy humor leap out of the page to me. You sound relieved that it was over at
last and I can easily understand that feeling because I get it after each of my exams too.
Was that your last midterm (you haven't mentioned harmony) and how did they all come
out? I got my music midterm back yesterday another pleasant one. 97% and an A
(median was 91 %). On and how are you finding SOG 1 is it well taught this quarter
and what are the readings?

Another thing that leaps out of the page at me is your marvelous perfume. I picked up
a letter yesterday face down took a big sniff and smelled only ink! And sure enough
on turning it over, I found it was for Mom. I love your subtle (?) touch and its just
like being in a private world with you when I read your letter and am engulfed in the
familiar smell. This is a pretty sneaky way of keeping me under the thumb at 6000 miles
but I dont mind! Ummmm (another deep breath!!) in long hair taking deep breath!
with eyes closed
I love you!!

I finally beat the frustration last night. I've been trying for 3 days to get to the second player
to write my music paper but the bus has kept my hopping and others were always using it. So
last night I went to bed right after dinner (6:45!!) and planned to get up at 3 AM and get
to work early before anyone else. Without an alarm I work up at 4:30 after 10 wonderful
hours of sleep and dreaming of you my love. Come over and get lots begun before 8 AM breakfast
it's now 11:30 and with about 2 hours more listening after lunch I'll have it all written
by dinner I hope. I'm comparing Hadyn's #100 symphony (military) and Mozarts #40 in
G minor only the 1st movements of each. May by I'll get up early again tomorrow
to begin my second paper something on " Magic Flute " I don't know just what yet. Hope
it goes as fast as the first one has many kids have listened for 8 hours or more and then
still had to write it up; I going faster than that by far.

Oh yesterday afternoon MAC and I went to the Nanney's apartment for 2 hours of
Canasta (I haven't played in about 4 years)! It was lots of fun an very relaxing and
quiet boys vs girl sand its not over yet (girls head 4660 -3730 or so but we'll
win and reaffirm male superiority I'm sure). They play a lot at home with the
Canasta incidentally Crosten is going to be at Florence for 6 motnhs (group I Sept to
March) and then in tours from MArch to June and Nanney will be acting head of
the department! Did you know that already or is it juicy gossip?!

Well my dearest its lunch tie and I have to come hang it back to the second player
afterwards so I gotta run. don't forget how much I love you, my Valentine all you
around (yes sweetie pie, I got your card! and yes I will be yours! So there!) You
fill my heart to overflowing with joy and love and happiness and I hope I do half
as much for you.

Goodnight my darling

All my love always
Your George

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