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them wander about. They looked so peaceful and carefree, just added to our own
relaxation and refused feeling. I can hardly wait for spring to walk through
the same area again and take some pictures of it and of the Burg too. I don't imagine
we'll have too much more snow- They say that winter ends here about March 1. We're
all waiting with expectations for spring and many of us are planning to say
mostly close to home next quarter to take short trips in the country and to small
towns and to hike around the Remstal. I hope to make longs trips (on 5 day
weekends-Easter for one) to Paris and Vienna but otherwise I'll probably not
go very far and mostly by bicycle.

Well I got the work done on my music paper yesterday as hoped. Just have some
coping to do before turning it in. The second one will be tougher since it is
head to get at the record player and everyone comes back tonight to make it even
worse. It's been quite pleasantly quiet around here with only about 15 of us this
weekend. And I'll really be bus father tonight back and forth constantly to bring
people and luggage up the hill from the trains until the last one at 12:15 AM. But
I don't mind driving it at all especially with no ice or snow on the road so it
won't be bad.

I'll bet this letter shook you up with its 6 pages! I hope you're not too
disappointed that 4 of them are my anthro paper to be sent on to Mom for
copying and mailing out. But it was worth the four hours of copying it
because it will fill you in a little on the Kreuters, I hope and also show
what a mediocre anthro paper I wrote!

Well sugon that's about all today another rather wanting one brightened
yesterday by a little "communing with nature" and today by a letter from my love.
I love you very much and hope that your days are happy too and that they
pass quickly toward that glorious June 11!!

You still haven't answered my question about your scholarship. Did you get one or not and what about next quarter?

AS to mom's birthday I think flowers on Valentines was enough. I'll write
early and wish her happy birthday and tell her I'm bringing her present with
me in June- I've already got it but I'm not telling what it is! So now
I have a T.S. too!!

Well it's lunchtime and I must drive the bus afterwards, So I've
gotta go sweetheart I love you!!

Always + Forever,

Your George.

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