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alexander.nguyen at Jul 07, 2020 09:10 PM

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Hi Darling-

No letter today damn the irregular mail!

It's not 10 pm and I have to write to Mom and Dad and also some post send so this will be
just a note really. Besides this was a very ordinary day around here for a change.

The Nanneys invited about 8 of us over after lunch for coffee or wine and conversation
just to sort of get acquainted. They are quite nice and I especially like Mrs Nanney- she's
very direct open and friendly. I sometimes think Dr. N. a little bit of a "stuffed shirt" but
usually he too is a goo head. Havent had much chance yet to visit the Spindlees; they are
not to avoidable because Mrs Spindler confined to bed with very serious pregnancy complications
(dangers of miscarriage is very high) and so he must remain pretty much with her. But they
welcome visitors in the apartment and I hope to go up for a while later this week or right
after Rome.

Ive spent part of the free time today compiling information on youth hostels and hotels in
Italy for the groups information. Im sort of unofficial travel agent now and have to find out
more about trains and hotels along the return trip route. I'm glad for the chance to help though
and it is of direct benefit in managing my own plans too. I think Bridge and MAC and I will
be traveling together on the way back from Rome spending Friday and Strday in Florence and
just a little time in Milan on Surday as per Dr. Boeneis advice. Oh one little detail I
forgot to mention yesterday- there is a high probability that we as a group will have about a
1/2 hour private audience with Pope John XXIII! Should be very interesting. I'm really looking
forward to the trip an awful lot- it will probably be all I'll see of Italy while I'm here and
the arrangements around excellent. The school really are set up a fine program to make it more
worth while.

Oh some of our hours work: Randall Thompson's "The heart of Words of David" (which I like
very much); several Brahams Altzes out of a group of 17. We give our concert in Beuterlsbach on
March 4.

Well my dearest you can see how quiet its been today. Tomorrow evening is the
Barnberg Symphony concert. Hayden's Symphony #100 should be good fun. Also
Brahms Symphony #1
Dukes' The Sorcerers Apprentice.
a fellow is here from ITaly to give several talks on Italian life politics economy etc the first
of which is tomorrow afternoon. So little to study again.

Don't forget how very much I love you sweetheart with all my heart and soul.
I'll hold you in my dreams tonight as I do almost every night. I love you very
deeply and truly day and night by your side on 6000 miles apart and I always will 100 1/2 %!

So sleep tight-PFFFF!! and Sweet Dreams.

I love you

Your George