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Hi My Dearest Annie

Just finished I postcards (half of my projected total) and now can get out my
"bathroom stationery" Luftpost paper and wire to you darling. I guess this is
a little thin for toilet paper on second thought! I got 2 letters today from you
to catch up for the mailmans error yesterday- so it is a sunny stay again. Hope
mine come fairly regularly to your doorstep its kind of specially nice to count on one
each day.

Well its 4 weeks today since we arrived over 1/6 of the time has flown by and
its that much sooner until youre back in my arms for real! I was interested to hear
of Don's situation with Jan- sounds like they are pretty fond of each other
pinned or not. MAybe if he goes to Stanford next year things will change
oh and pay the bum his 50 cents and tell him to do better this time (it should be
easy). Also maybe OBK is waiting for the money before sending the pin- does the
letter say? No thanks Newsweek of course. They're next even Republican much has
as funny as Time! and the perfume is medows make you feel that much nearer when
I close my eyes. So keep it up and you've got me hooked even at 6500 miles.

Well since its on;y 3:30 pm nothing much has happened since I wrote
last night Dr. Gotinelli de Sante our guest from Italy for the next 4 days
is a very personable fellow (about 35 a school of Dr Boerneis); he gives his
first lecture at 4:15 after tea. And then tonight the concert.

I still dont know which piece Im going to write up for my first Muisc
1 paper- maybe the Brahms double concerto (!) on Haydn's #100 symphony. Its
about 4-8 pages due soon after our return from Rome. About the same time
comes our anthro paper on a Beulelsbach family and two midterms! So
I'll be studying some on the Rome trip I guess though I dont know how
or when. At least I can read on the train.

Don't forget after all this filler of little value how much I love you darling.
I hold you always in my heart and close my eyes often to be with you. And I
too live for the days to pass until I shall be accomplished " that we are in
each others arms again. Meanwhile your wonderful letters of love keep
my joy alive and my love overflowing. G. Night darling, my love forever.

Your George