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My Darling

To begin with: I LOVE YOU! I got another wonderful letter form you today
as usual and as usual when I sit down to talk to you Im filled with my love for you.
And I guess especially so tonight since I wont be writing from here again for about
10 days but from Italy and sort of on the run- describing busy days. I almost
like the ordinary deep better because than my time with you is less rushed and
more natural and I can tell you more how fully and deeply I love you!

Thanks for the information on MJE /T.P. Contrary to your instruction I have sown
it to Mary Jeanette directly because she wanted to see it and because she seems to be
fairly strong in the situation. To go further: yes she still wears her pin and she
still loose kin and believes that there is a real chance of his still loving her. Incidentally
that agreed before she left they would both go out etc. So this shouldn't shock
you quite so much. MJE would like very much to know anything more that you hear
or observe. She has gotten two letters since the phone call and has written him. She thinks
that he is more or less running from himself because he misses her as a point of love and
security- apparently this sort of thing happened last summer too. So The situation may
be more complicated and hopeful than you have though. Be sure to write more-especially
who he is dating and flirting and spending time with etc. I will see discretion in what
I let Mary Jeanette know so you can speak freely. I hope we can help them get back
together if he really loves her. And if he doesnt maybe she can find it out for sure
And I agree with you 100%- we are very very lucky! When I think back on it
its wonderous how simple our growing love and understand has bene- no troubles at
all really. Im dying to know incidentally what MAC has said to you of our relationship.
We've talked about us a lot as you already know and she even adds insights of her own
sometimes as to how much alike and suited for each other we are. Theses are thing sI
wouldn't see by myself I tend to note more the way in which we are different and complement
each other. Maybe she has given you some insights too- pass them on and discuss with
me if you like. Theres almost nothing Id rather talk about than how much I love you!
In fact Im sure I've bored half the people here about my plans and our plans for the coming
few years. You're almost willing members of the group.

Nina is and remains herself a little quiet now that we're here and I think a
little more sensitive to the spectacle she sometimes makes. Many dont like her much but
is not really a problem. And when the subject comes up I usually try to push the "be
tolerant" angle. Look for the beat in people etc... And of course I personally get along with
her fine try not to give her any trouble. I think that's the difference in our situations
really I feel sure that Im stronger able to hand her but you are a little afraid
of her and what she can do. Itry no to hold against her what she has done to you (intentionally
or otherwise)- only MAC knows about that snd she sometimes gets pretty strong
against Nina herself-which I try to cool off. I guess I sound sort of soft headed about
it but whenever possible Id rather not hurt anyone.

WEll darling The Beutesbach choir (from the Evangelishetiche) anives soon for an
evening of singing so I must go and tomorrow we leave for Rome. Im really peetty
excited about tit all but will miss my daily letter form you. Hope midterms go O.K.
and dont ever forget how much I love you. And dont worry I mean that completely
and Im very sure of my feelings for you. I'll always love you my sweetheart. So these!

G'night and Sweet Dreams


German haircut

All my love

Your George