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Hi My beloved,
I'll try to keep this letter light and airy, since I've hit you in the last two days with a couple of real heavyweights! But when you're "down and out" letter came yesterday I figured time was of the essence. And since by the time you got it some of the depression feeling had probably worn off, I figured my efforts were better apent thinking about he problem itself, then about your response to it. I hope you sent it on to your folks- an "outside" opinion can sometimes help, and I am still enough outside the family to see and give one. I spoke pretty bluntly as usual, but I think they will understand. It was kind of hard to write to both of you and then at the same tie, and I hope the letter didn't seem chilly to you- you know how deeply I love and cherish you, even if I don't say it too loud and long.

No letter from you today, sweetheart, maybe because of midterms, or just the mean of mailman. But I did get a nice letter from Mom, including one from Tuck, so the box was not bare. And she mentions first of all having gotten some "lovely red roses" and first reason why "I love you. Your heart is as big as all out doors, my love. Golly, but I'm a lucky guy to have found someone so wonderful - so real, kind, loving, tender. My love for you and my admiration for what you are all wrapped up together and fill my heart to overflowing, and nearly being tears of love to my eyes as I write (and of course that familiar old lump in my heart). Golly, our life together will be so wonderful in so many little and unpridictable things, I can hardly believe it and hardly wait for it to begin. But really it has began, hasn't it?! It's like Tony said to MJE (oh got another loving letter yesterday too, so the world is really right!), I'm thinking 'we' instead of 'you' and 'me'.

I've been a 'good boy' this morning - copying flash cards for the last 4 lessons in Strothman and putting them on the folded pages for later practice. Vocabulary is really a snap here; I know about 2/3 of the words before even seeing them in the Shathman, so a result of general converations. It's really painless learning! Last night, I spent about 2 yours writing the weekly news letter home, and then wrote a private letter to the Roses- in which I didn't mention Charles' problem of course.

Wednesday evening MAC and I spent about 2 hours talking together. It was her first day out of her room after the grippe and for me the night after the Music midterm, so neither of us felt much like working.