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Ooooooh my poor sweetheart,

All banged and bruised up and some and then laughed at in church. Oh but it since
is a cruel world! I wish I was there to price a shoulder to cry on and
an arm to lean on (and a car to drive around in!) but I guess you'll just
have to be a martyr until June 11 and then you can just drump all your cares and
troubles on me and will live happily every after. I love you sweetheart so very much
and I sure do love your letters too even the silly ones. An I'm not lafing
am I not it hurts! Heres a KISS to make it well X!

And furthermore I haven't begun to forget that tomorrow is the 21st and
yet another month gone by on the life and love of Geroge and Anne. Today is MAC and Bob's 5th month (they're just now at the game I keep telling her) so we
talked about having a joint celebration at midnight tonight ( I have to be up
anyway to drive down to meet the 12:!4 train from Stuttgart- I'm busmaster for
the next 4 days straight!). She'll probably poop out and go to bed early though. So
I'll celebrate by dreaming of you and thinking about that memorable mountain
climb and how I fooled you nad then how you fooled me (because I found
that I too sort of liked being pinned and congratulated and teased about it!)
I love you so much honey and our love brings so much joy to my heart even
when we're apart and I can hardly visualize how marvelous it will be to be
with you 24 hours a day!

Guess what we did last night! We look a bus load (8 in the minibus
Bridge driving) of us into Stuttgart soon to show Bridge to an evening of
Beethoven quartet and MAC and me to the opera house to see Mozarts "Die
Zawbertaote" The Magic Flute in case you're too lazy to translate. And furthermore
we sat in the first row! Right behind the orchestra! for $1.50!! ($3 seats
at 1/2 piece with a student I identification card less than an hour before performance
time). IT was a good production too the comic elements in particular being
well done. And having read up on it before going and being able to understand about
8-% of the German (much better than my Italian you know!) I followed this
whole thing quite easily and enjoyed it very much.

Say I shouldn't have drawn me up above with such short hair. Its getting
really long on top and sides so that its port of Thich and wavy all over and I can
comb it back above my ears a little. They just trim around the ears and the back
of th neck and then every slightly on top so its going to be good and long (and
wavy!) when I get home. It will probably shock you at firs but you may
kind of like running your hand though it (Ummmmm!!). And if you don't I'll
cut it right away (moth will probably demand that anyway!) But I want you
to see it and feel it first! Im about due for my second haircut but I may let some
of the girls here do it for me (MAC and MJE have volunteered to dit as a team.)
I'll let you know how it turns out!

Well darling I've got to take the bus to Butelsback to pick up Julie Jurras before
lunch. So I'd better run. I love you sugar even in this sort of silly happy! [Nov?]
and I miss you too. Sweet dreams and XXXX!! All my dearest love, Your George