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Sun., Feb. 27. 1938.

Dear Rebekak:

I hope you don't mind the typing, but I'm in bed and it is much easier to type than write. I haven't been feeling so well for the last couple of days, so decided to stay in bed this afternoon. I was really planing on going down to San Jose for the afternoon. Last night I finally wrote the long expected letter to the family and hope there are not to irked about it.

I received your letter about two weeks ago, and certainly glad to hear from you. It seems that you and Frances and Daddy and a little dark-haired friend are my main correspondence, and you are all always very prompt. Of course I realize Mother is always busy and doesn't have much time.

I have a short and concise account of the formal the other night, so I will not write it all again. The tux fitted very well, although I looked as though I had a sport coat on in comparison to the boys that had tails on; about a third of them were waring tails.

Yesterday, Saturday, I had to get up at 10:30 and go to my French 11 0'clock, which hurt me very much. After lunch we went out to the lake, but the canoes were all taken, so we went down and bowled a couple of lines. The Kid said that he bowls about 165-75, so I guess he's pretty far out of my class. I don't imagine that you bowl quite that high, so maybe I'll be able to give you some competition.

I haven't heard anything about any of you going snowing, but I guess you don't have the time, and I your a little about planning a snow trip, as the last time it didn't quite pan out. I only wish I had the time and the money to take it up. That is one of the big sports around here, and we consequently hear a lot about it. There are quite a few boys in the house who ski prettywell. There are two in particular, who spend about 4 or5 days out of the week in the snow, leaving Wed., and getting back about Sun. or Mon. Speaking of the House, it's one o'clock now, and I should be up there now for lunch. Of course the big topic of conversation will be the dance, and I hate to mis out.

I received a very odd letter from your brother yesterday, and I accuse him of being a little bit inebreated when he wrote it. Remind me to show it to when I get home in 19 days, Love,


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