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Status: Needs Review


8:00 Call 1-213-976-BODS.
8:15 Talk to Mom. Tells me about police coming to help find peeping tom across the street.
8:30 Go to work. Do change panes, and selection via menu.
Quite a bit of "done items" for one day. Chek everything in since Bill wants to merge all the [?] stuff into BIFF tomorrow morning.
5:45 Leave for chiropractors. No pain but some jingling in arm at end of day, and from Failla's massaging it's clear the sore is still tender.
6:45 Misc
Considering calling Bill but decide to just give it a rest.
7:00 Go buy this blank book + supplies
9:00 Watch "View to a Kill"
11:15 Go to sleep


8:30 Bob calls for "No on 10" and invite him to "Top [?]"
9:15 Write up this blank book so far
10:00 List of pros and cons of Bill Farrell

Cute face + kisses real well
Nice upper body, especially [?]
Big weenie
Smart, very good memory
Fun to go out with to movies, dancing, except for [arrow down]

Student in poverty (house + truck) no Ans machine or call waiting
New in town
Just left lover with "body to die for"
Awkward disparity in net worth.
Should I be generous? Would I use it as a weapon to hold him?
I've had a student boyfriend.
Now I want a professional.
It hurts when he meets others
and just imagine if he liked them.
Hairy skinny legs. Curved dick. No sex in morning.

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