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Letters to Chip (see visiting schedule on back cover)

July 18 - very late Birthday Card (w/Slime).
First letter of wanting him.

3rd wk of July - my general plans for
uture & I want him there.

July 30, 31 (two cards) HEAVY.

Thurs Aug 11 Let God do His will.

Following Sunday - very sad, sorry, worried
letter - "what are we going to do
Chip, what are we going to do."

Fri Sept 11 - short card - can Chip
still work at EOCOM?

Sept 14 - "I'm willing to trade myself
for him;" EOCOM, selling EDITX, etc.

End of Sept - Short card just saying Hi
& will talk w/RMC about EDITX
next week, in October.

Oct 7 - short note saying I don't
deserve him & thanks for being mine.

Oct 16 - Anniversary Card

End of October - meet you in SF
for Halloween

Several Christmas cards.

Notes and Questions

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All of these documents have the same or very similar descriptions. This makes it impossible to tell one from the other as to what dates the entries span. Is it possible to change the name of each document to something other than "Diary". Even the simple "Diary 1", "Diary 2" would be better than what we have now.