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Now I'm doing Z-80 work.
That is to give me knowledge of
another, very sophisticated language,
COBOL. But it is good
to have worked now with all the
major micros in software. But
recall, maybe this is just the
beginning of selling EDITX. I have
to convince RMC I can do this,
so they will buy it.

Maybe the best way to make
this point is to say I spent at
least as much time in the last
six years learning engineering as
I did learning software. The
software aspect of my
"specializing" education of the
last six years, including EDITX,
has taken up summer '71, '72, '73,
one month of Junior Year, Spring &
Sum & Part Fall 75 (2 1/4's) for
EDITX, plus at most 2 months
since then for EDITX. Plus 3 month each
for 6800 & 6502 BASIC. That is
8 1/4 years total, including PECO &
TRW too. 2 years out of six.
I also spent about 2 on

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