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electronics & mechanics I would say
and 2 on sociology, history,
Poli Sci, economics, religion, etc.
That 2 years includes becoming
an engineer in the wide
sense of knowing the mathematics,
physics, calculus and having a

So since I have only spent
1/3 of the last six years in
software, I can't really say
that not doing that as my own
would be turning my
back on what I'm good at.
I'm also good at engineering
& (maybe) being socially astute.
I've just never made any
money on it. I have gotten good
grades. That should indicate potential.

So my remark that "since
Spr '76 I've learned I don't
want to research, design,
implement, and document software
projects myself unless they are
very interesting" only indicates
to me that I want to make
use of other talents & I do

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