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have other talents.

I have done some software
over & over & it can be
said that I didn't learn nearly
as much from 6502 BASIC
as from 6800, and that I
therefore wasted my time, and to
make it not a waste I should
carry on & use it to advantage
in the future. But I also did
some things in EE & Fuzzy's over
& over. That is how you learn
and become what you've learned.

Also, I've decided where
I want to live I think.
Earlier, I'd narrowed it down to
S. Cal. Hollywood & S. Mon are just
too gay. No community atmosphere.
Redondo is beautiful but not gay
at all. It seems like Irvine,
Newport Costa Mesa, with Newport
Station Lag Beach is the place to be! Good
since Chip can work there.

Also in last 6 years I've
gotten to know Chip, love him,
need him, have him at the
forefront, after God, of my life.

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