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Status: Needs Review

I believe I will stop writing
a personal diary. It could be
used as evidence. But if I
keep all of my business ideas
out of it then there is no
reason to worry. We can
hold it back without worry in
any court cases.

I will keep a business
notebook next year. I will
use it after I finish the
Lakeside notebook. Or continue
to use Lakeside for technical ideas,
even after I start a business
diary. These two should be
sufficient reminiscences!
Plus maybe a personal diary
with no business stuff at all
in it.

Lastly, I just want to
reiterate that I should live
by the edge, as I said Feb 13.
Don't try to itemize goals too
much; it can stifle creativity.
You want to create some good
thing now with what you've
learned. Now go do it. END

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