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Thursday, Sept 29

One day left till end of
this summer quareter and
this book. I still have some
things I want to write
about. First I want to note
that there is little of no
writing new about Autobook, Inc
It is still being created in
my mind and therefore I don't
want to be burdened with putting
it on paper.

Next, there are money
questions and problems. What
to do about the Corvette!
I am glad I had it for the
times I have. Spring 76 with all
the ABQ friends. Summer with Joe.
And busy for MSoft driving around.
Fall, Win & Spr with Chip. And
California Summer '77; of course
you need a Corvette for that.
But it's over now, I think.
Yet I don't want to take
a loss. I could at most sell
it wholesale for $6500. Thus
losing $2900 off of 8400 + 400, plus about $1400 in

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