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interest payments. It gets
close to a $4000 cost for
having a Corvette for 1 1/2 years,
regardless of insurance, gas,
maintenance, and repairs. I
would be left with $2500.

I doubt that the car
will ever be worth more than
it is right now. The only reason
I should keep it is if I really
like it and would prefer driving
it over later models. But as I
look around me, older model
Corvettes are not appealing. Even
mine doesn't excite me like it
used to. If it were in good
running order I might like it.
I don't know what other car
I'd get. The other problem is
that insurance will costs over
$1000 for the next six months.
Next year it would be more like
$500 when the car is a year older
and so am I.

Basically, the only reason I'd
keep it is to have it after I
get rich. I don't want to
pay for it any more on what

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