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I'm earning now. It is a luxury.
After I got rich would I
drive it. It would be more of
a momento. It would be out
of character to drive that car
in a year or so. Also, it has
some bad memories with it. Also
good memories stay good if you
remember them as they were, in
their prime.

Yet, it still has a lot of good
in it, or does it? I've just spent
500 for starter, clutch & general
repairs and $350 for a rebuilt
transmission plus $60 for some more
work. I can sell it with that
information to help get more
money. Try to avoid getting
engine CAM fixed.

If I could get $2500
back which is the down payment,
then it has been costing me
$227.04 + gas + insurance + $30
for general maintenance + repairs.
The extra insurance cost for
a Corvette over other cars is
about $50/month. So that means
I have spent $320/month for
that car. Or, over 18 mos, $5700.
Has it been worth it?

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