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Friday, Sept 30, 1977

I want to discuss financing
Autobook, Inc. To do so, I want
to lay down what have been
necessary costs in last 1 1/2 years
since joining uSoft & RMC. Then
layout supernumerary to see what
I don't need.

150 rent (two bedroom shared w/another)
120 minimal transportation
275 food & supplies
25 phone (shared), copies, postage
19 NAC
40 gasoline (assume economical car very little work driving)
15 gas & elect (average) (shared)
80 Medicine, Doctors + Blue Cross
30 Clothes, cosmetics, haircuts, rings...
15 entertainment (movies, etc.)
15 gifts
75 miscellaneous (+ a % buffer sort of) (see reports for examples)

What have been my supernumerary
expenses over the last 1 1/2 years?

2500 invested in car
200 more for Corvette/mo (insurance, repairs, deprec)
20 for gas /mo
100 travel for fun /month

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