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Status: Needs Review

So, most of my supernumerary
income has been spent of things
which are fun. And consumed
quickly. They don't last in & of
themselves. They are also very
social items. Travel, phone bills,
a very nice automobile, fancy
restaurants, activities at where
we travel to. Note that Corvette
expense is only 40% of this.
Not bad when the whole picture
is one of social gregarious, fun,
consumption, 5 1/4s out of the 6
were very definitely good times
to have the Corvette.

From the fact that 60%
of my income is used to support
me and 40% has been used to have
a very fun, social gregarious time
out of which I've gotten Chip as my
lover, and my car has cost me
1/2 of that extra income & all other stuff
(travel, activities, fancy restaurants, motels,
phone bills, etc.) has cost me the
other 1/2.

But for the upcoming 1/2
year I think I can live
without that extra stuff.
I will miss the expensive life
but I know I have one debt

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