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I have not paid. That is my
tithes. Or 10% of my gross
earned income.

When I left for Stanford
in Jan 1976 I figured I owed
God $1000. Since then I have

see July 17 2585 (1st 1/4 76)
see last pg 32360 (Apr 16 '76 - Sept 16 '77
4050 taxes for which we deducted)

So I owe the Lord $1000 plus
$4000 for the last 1 1/2 years.
That is $5000.

Now how much am I worth
to Auto Bible. Well, how much
am I worth period. In Fall
75, I made the most money.
It has amounted to about $9000.
Then I went to school. But then
I went back to uSoft and worked
for 1/2 that much, at 19000/year.
Now at RMC I get ~ 25K.
I can justify uSoft general
manager because I didn't know
anything about the business but

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