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I sure wanted to learn. Also
I had to wait a bit to get all
the money for my work in Fall
75. If I'd gotten paid flat out
for it I'd get about 1/2 probably.
They paid me only at the rate of
$12k/year then, that is $3k for
the 1/4. When I was at uSoft, I
earned very little for the company,
got lots of experience & fun &
flights. At the end I was earning
$500/week, though since I was
doing uComp software.

As a uComp programmer I'd
say I have been worth $25k this
last year. I saw a report of
salaries in Comp World that said
the avg senior systems analyst
gets 21000. Since I'm specialized
I get more. Seems fair.

And at RMC I could justify
getting a little less than I should
because of the hope of selling
EDITX. And uSoft's top guy gets
$25K - Greenburg.

I also have training in
all the stuff Autobook, Inc
needs. And my best thing

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