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I do is program uComps
so lets say next year I
could get 28000. uSoft
would probably offer me

So lets say I found Autobook
with $5000 of my money and
$5000 of the Lord's money,
which He has given me. Then
we're partners in this equally.
I will pay myself all of the
money probably that goes in but
just to support myself on a
minimal level.

Now some other capital has
to come about for equipment.
Maybe sell my car, hmm?

I feel I can live on
$1000/mo, which taxed, is $800
a month. I may need a little
from Chip. I got my insurance
bill yesterday $1146 for 6 months
in the lowest rate class. I'm not
going to pay it. So if I don't
drive, might as well sell it.

I feel now that I just
want to live within my means.

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