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Until I have more money, I
don't want to strain the budget.
Now I may be moving into a
period of work, and out of my
time of socially gregarioius fun.
I can live ordinarily. Then when
we get $$, we can get better
things & maybe live in Orange Co.

I went to see O.C. last
weekend. Hollywood would be too
wild a place to live for a couple.
Redondo Beach is too quiet. It is
too S. Cal. Very crowded. Sometimes
smoggy. I enjoy it but it leaves
something in me unsatisfied. So
I checked out Newport. Weekend
before, I went and saw Newport
Station. Looks like a nice group
of guys. Not stunning but friendly.
Looked around next day & saw EOCOM &
Newport Center, which was written up
in Busi Week, couple weeks ago. Anyway,
this last weekend I drove all the
way down to [Lags 7?]. I knew it was
very undeveloped on the peninsula so
I started at San Pedro. Long Beach
except for downtown is very industried.
Not nice. No really nice beaches.

If you go down the coast,

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