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it gets very ugly - swamplands,
oil fields, even derricks in the
water off Huntington beach.

It improves greatly as you
drive into Newport Beach, just
after Newport Blvd, all the way
down ot the edge of civilization
just past Cameo Shores. After
that it is all of a sudden hills
& dunes down to Laguna Beach.
But basically that whole little
area is nice from Costa Mesa
through Newport to Corona Del
Mar. It'd be really swift to work
in Newport Center, and go out to
Newport Station. There is a spa
15 minutes away in South Santa Ana.
But it's all expensive. I visited
Vinny & Wally. They have a $355 place
which would go for $275 in ABQ.
With things costing 1/3 more, I
know I don't want to pay for it.

So when I returned I
decided I will try to go
back to ABQ, work with God
on Autobook if I get the money.
Maybe from EDITX. I told Chip
that. He was finished moving out

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