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of his house in Connecticut into
a friends garage. He can get that
stuff moved soon then anywhere he
wants. I had given him advice
on how to get more $$, a copy
of which is in the stack. He took
it and got a raise to $24K! So
that's another reason to stay in ABQ.

Before I considered living
w/ Chip I need a couch, chest of
drawers, end tables, lamps, wall
coverings, and plants, towel rack, and
table for the phone. Now I can
just use his stuff & his stereo.

But I still do need extra
to get my teeth fixed.

I have called insurance
places and they all say stick with
farmers. Its the only way.
Cheapest. Mileage doesn't matter.
So perhaps I don't need $ to
get the CAM fixed.

Living in ABQ would be
like it always was. It may
bother me if Paul & Bill make
it good there. But I had my chances.
Bill & I can play tennis & Paul & I
can talk.

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