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The other ramifications
of ABQ living are the dullness
of everything. But
somehow I really miss it.
I like it, maybe even love it.
There always was plenty to
do. Hopefully there will be.
It gave me a very warm feeling
when I was there. 50 cents to
park! How cheap.

So for now I guess
we'll live in an apartment
and try to make some
big bucks. Then we can talk
about a House or Condo or
whatever to buy & live in.

Maybe after 4 years
of Autobook, we'll do 2 year
at Standford Business School.
I don't know.

So for now, this is
the end of the 1/4 and also
the end of this book. It
feels like it maybe the end
of something else major
too like the last 6-year

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