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period. So I move on now.

I don't know if I will
keep a personal diary anymore.
My personal life is pretty
well stabilized with Chip, a
strong desire to go to ABQ,
selling of EDITX hopefully,
and working it all out. I
probably will be very busy
and not have time to write
if I want to develop
Autobible thots, work on EDITX
conversion. But who knows.
I know RMC wants to talk
about EDITX but I just
hope they can afford it.

I will give that burden to
the Lord. I want to do
Autobook, possibly in training
for Dynabook. But I want to
be creative and not hindered
by thoughts of efficiency or
getting every detail down. That
takes too long.

As far as money goes I
will try to pay for all

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