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Status: Needs Review

unusual expense by check.
And the only thing I'll pay
for by cash is food, supplies,
gas, etc. Day to day routine

I am reading a lot more
now. Time & Business Week
and I want to start reading
newspaper too. Especially when
I get to ABQ. It will help
me be more a part of that city.

My expenses do not vary that
much. Always is about
the same in each category.
That's good so I can plan
how much I'll need.

I'm going to ask RMC
for 15000. That with 8000 for
me for this 1/4 is 7000 less
than the 30000. They save
25%, or $7500. They'll still
like that. I hope. I pray.

Chip is coming tomorrow.
Onward we go. / The end/

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