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Summer outline in respect to Chip.
(see also Feb 1, 1978)

1) Stayed till July 7, Thursday
2) Visit weekend of Thursday Aug 4
thru Monday Aug 8. Chip just
showed up on spur of the moment,
due to my heavy letters of July 30, 31.
3) I visit ABQ Friday August 19 thru
Monday August 22. Very good
time. Lots of things going.
4) Sept 3rd - 5th Sat - Mon Labor Day (Parents here following weekend).
Not that fun. Exercised Saturday. Went to
Lag beach for Sat night. Spent Sunday on
beach and Sunday eve went to San Diego.
Went to Black's Beach. Drama. Didn't do much.
Pretty dull what we did do. I wanted to get
going on EDITX.
5) 4 weeks till next visit. Sept was a period
of planning & thought. 3 weekends, one on
EDITX, one on money, on in O.C. thinking
about where to live (also did this previous weekend).
Then Sept 30 - Oct 3 Chip was here. Pretty fun.
[Note to left of all of the above] Covered in this book [/note]
6) I went to ABQ for anniversary.
Pretty dull. Not enough to do. Was reading
Bible a lot besides computer stuff in
October. Confused about where to live.
7) Chip & I got to San Francisco for
Halloween. Pretty good but not super.
I stayed Monday to go to Standford library.
8) Then after Instrumentation & the
nude beach in November, I met Chip
in Philadelphia and had a nice little 10-day
vacation coming back.
9) we saw each other 4 hours Dec 23
10) We spent Dec 30 - Jan 3 (Fri - Tue morning). Celebrate Saturday.
Univ Stud Sunday. Bicycling Monday.
[Note to left of 6-10] 4th 1/4 [/note]

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