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Sat [deleted]Sept[deleted] Oct 20, 1917

At home- which will be in Albania
only two days more. It is definitely
planned now - as nearly definitely
as anything can be in these turbulent
times - that we are to leave [K?] on
Monday and Tuesday for France
and way stations. Since writing several
days ago from the post near Lake O -
strange things have happened. We
have been keeping store in our
house here at home. We had an
Albanian entertainment in our honor.
I was in a night attack the night
after I wrote to you. I have had
two days of real [repose?]! All of
which are strange things. And I
received your letter of Sept 3. Which
was not strange, but was a surprise,
for I thought that our mail must have
been held by this time at Paris for
us. Wouldn't it be unspeakable if
they should send your box of
sweets and it should arrive the
day after I leave? It is torture to
imagine such a thing. --

Everything in its place.

I was interrupted in addressing your
envelope several times that night.
Things happened all at once, you
see. I put the envelope into the machine

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