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June Tuesday 5th
We left day Daly Waters at 1/2 past 9
7 of us in the party viz Mr
Johns, Mr Kemp, Harry & myself
2 men who have just finished
some fencing work at the
station, & are now going back
north & their black boy. We
camped about an hour & a
half for dinner at 1 o'clock &
then came on 14 miles, further
to a small waterhole, having
done 27 miles in all. We
did not get into camp till
sundown. I havent been at
all well all day.

Wednesday 6th
Left camp at 8 o'clock &
came on without any stop-
pages for 26 miles to a water-
hole on which we are camped.
We got in about 1/4 past
2, & after dinner I was busy
till tea time making a
damper cake, which we baked
in the ashes & a curry of
salt mutton. The cake was
a success (my first attempt

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