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into different parts of this vast Country. Two of our
Brethren have left us for the Burman Empire.
Another expects soon to leave us, to reside in the neigh-
bourhood of Malda. And we hope ere long to have a
station at Chittagong, and another in Orissa.

The light of the Gospel begins to
dawn in India.  We hope there are many in Calcutta 
who love our Lord Jesus Ct [Christ] in sincerity. There are
several also, in different parts of this Country who have
the cause of Ct at heart  -  From among this number,
two of the most valuable have lately been taken
by death. - There are now several eminent men in
the Established Church in India. - The translation
of the Scriptures into the greater part of the languages
of Hindoostan is going forward here. - Some of those
translations are in the Press and others in the hands
of the translators.   - We hope from all these things
that the Lord is about to favor India . - 

We have lately received a letter
from Mr Morrison , a missionary from your Society
who is now at Canton . -  He is at present with the
American Consul  there.  -

It will always give us much
pleasure to hear from you.  Write us by every

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opportunity. Your communications will interest us
more in your concerns -  By this means we shall
know you more, love you more, pray for you more.
And, we hope our communications to you will produce
the same effects in your hearts. - Let us constantly
meet at a Throne of Grace for each other, and for 
the glorious cause in which we all engaged, till our
prayers shall be turned into praise, and our faith into 

We are,
Very Dear Brother,
Most affectionately your's

Wm. Carey 
W. Ward
R. Mardon
W. Moore
Joshua Rowe

Mission House, 
Jany 17th  1808

To the Revd Rowland Hassall
New South Wales

Favor'd by Captn Williams

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Where used "Ct" is an abbreviation for "Christ".