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[MS 299]
in you that you will look to
the God of your Parents, who will
be your support & comfort in every
time of need - and when you
arrive at the end of your voyage
and have commenced your study
take with you the advice I have
(?) (?) with - I think in
Dr Milner's C Hist "Con.... God
more than books, and ask him
possibly to make you understand
what you read, study drains the mind & heart, go from time to
tmie to be refreshed at the feet of
Christ under the Cross. Some moments
of repose thus give you fresh vigour
& new light & interrupt your study

[MS 300]
by short by fervent ejaculations,
& (?) is the gift of the Father of Lights. Do not consider it as
attainable, merely by the work
of your own mind or industry"
When you arrive in London it
may just (?) so contrived
that my son may meete you
there, suppose you write
himto that affect and
direct your letter Bradford York (?)
as it will be uncertain where he will be when you arrive, it may be best to inclose
my letters to Mr Pratt. Where they maya
remain till you know wheere he is
it is possible he will be absent
from Cambridge in Aug 09 - 5 Septr and return to college Oct 10 when he may remain till the Mich Term end, wch is 16 Decm - with sincere prayers for
your welbeing in which my family
unites - I beg you will consider him

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