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pleasure, and pain, and altho Our Dear Lord has for wise purposes permited you to arraign His being, and Sovereignty at  your [indecipherable]
yet how shall I answer at His Bar for all my Sins - whilst I am writing my Vile In gratitude stares me in the face. O the sins of Omission and Commission, in thought, in word, and deed that I have been fully of - and altho I confess my sins and condemn myself for my sins yet I find myself to be a great sinner Still, and if it was not for the great Redeemers Own most precious blood my smallest sin would sink me into the deepest hole, therefore I can heartily joine you / O that our Hand was in each other/ in ascribing all praise, to rich, free Sovereign grace, & blood devine I hope my Dear Bro we shall still be enabled to come with all our pollutions [?] to the Founting opened for sin and unclainness [uncleaness] and also to Jesus for holiness love and strength to go forward in his hevenly [heavenly] ways and of usefullness and Grace.


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