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Hephzibah Lawry
drowned 29.10.1894, SS Wairarappu with her daughter Hephzibah
John Waterhouse
John Henry Lawry b. 25.3.1884 d. 20.8.1942 m Dorothy Dowling No Issue
Lionel Lawry
b. 3.7.1885 m Elsie M Hirst
John David Walter m Betty Bryant
Gordon Lawry
Walter Lawry ( doctor of Agric Science) b. 31.8.1887 m D.B Hazlewood
Louise Margaret Olive D E.Ruth
Olive Lawry b. 20.11.1889 m Rev Riddlesford Oakley
Donald (Dr) m Joyce Nelson - Graham Donald
Valerie Joan
Hephzibah Marguerite b. 26.8.1891 d. 29.10.1894
Jabez Leonard Lawry b. 28.4.1803 m E.James in England - Valerie Mary
Josiah Lawry m Mary Stone
James Hassall b. 21.12.1881 d. 16.3.1900 Bachelor
Alfred Edwin b. 12.10.1883 m Vera Bagnall
James Ralston - Kenneth Bagnall - Euan Aldred - Hassall Aldred
Josiah Howard (Dr) b. 1.8.1889 m Vera Garland
Keith Howard
Hector Berckley m Bette Thompson Craig
Ruth Moira m Garth Twigden
Roger - Barbara - Blake
Margaret Garland m Athol Hardine
Elizabeth - John - Montgomery - Susan
Vera Elaine
Gordon Mayo
Gertrude Elaine b. 27.11.1891 m John Gilmore
Owen m Natalie Wells
Olive Mary m Peter Barry - David Marsden
Brian Forsaith m Cecilia Murray - Margaret Elaine - John Murray
Kenneth duesbury b 23.7.1886 d. 28.11.1896
Merlyn Helen b. 17.8.1901 Spinster
(Rev) Albert Charles Lawry m Emily Spence
Walter Lionel b. 9.4.1880 m Gladys Murial Simpson No Issue
Albert Eric b. 5.1.1892 m Mabel Lloyd No Issue
Emily Gwendoline b. 17.2.1893 Spinster
Thomas Henry Vivian b. 22.5.1895 m Nell Harper No Issue
William Osborne Mervyn b. 10.12.1899 m Eleanor Alice Mountford Willcox - Adrienne Gwendoline - Richard Francis

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