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his family well.
2. William Hancox, baptised 2 November 1760 and died aged six and was buried at Wolston on 1 April 1767.
3. Abraham Hancox I, baptised 1762, died as an infant, buried 11 April 1764 at Brandon.
4. Jonathan Hancox who married Hannah and had at least three children - John Hancox baptised on 18 April 1817, Hannah Hancox baptised on 25 June 1823 and Henry Hancox baptised on 5 March 1826. He apparently considered going to Australia but his niece, Elizabeth Hancox, wrote to Thomas Hassall (later Reverend) in 1821 saying that it would be unwise for him to do so. He seemed to have many troubles and complained that he was being slighted by his friends and hoped to rise above his difficulties. He and his wife Hannah, set up a greengrocer shop in Orange Street, Leicester Square in London, but he was robbed in March 1819 and wrote to Thomas Hassall asking him for alona. Two years later he was out of work, his wife had left him and he wrote saying that he would like to go to New South Wales.
5. Elizabeth Hancox who married Rowland Hassall (see below).
6. Mary Hancox who lived in London in 1900, married on 20 September 1802 in Holy Trinity, Coventry, John Penny, a widower with a daughter. His first wife was Ann Coates whom he had married on 18 Januaru 1798 in Holy Trinity, Coventry. Mary and John Penney were very welcoming to Thomas Hassall when he arrived in England and told him the extent of their religious convictions. They had a daugther called Ann who was ill for several years from 1818 and they wrote to Thomas Hassall in Wales to tell him of her declining health in August 1818. Thomas Hassall commented to his father that she was one whom he "longed to see once more before she leaves this vale of tears which humanly speaking would be a blessing to her." She died in May 1919. John and Mary Penney had six children all baptised in West Orchard, Coventry: Thomas Penney on 19 June 1803; Susanna Penney on 26 November 1805; John Penney on 8 May 1806; Martha Penney on 26 March 1809; Thomas Penney on 30 December 1811; and Thomas Penney on 14 Augu 1813. Mary Penney gave birth to a son in October 1819 but she was in bad health, her lung was affected and she asked her sister, Susannah, to contact Thomas Hassall who was in England, to ask him to come see her. It seems that she died not long after because Susannah Hancox came to live with her brother-in-law and complained that the children were unruly and that her lot was an unpleasant one.
7. Samuel Hancox, baptised 6 January 1770 at Wolston, had at least one daughter and a son in 1803. Samuel Hancox was the recipient of a gift of £5 from Rowland Hassell via his

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